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User Review: C 275BEE Stereo Power Amplifier - The Supreme

May 8, 2009

Products: C 275BEE Stereo Power Amplifier

Equipment: Spark Cayin CDT 17A: MUsical Fidelity A308 PRE: Project RPM 10 TT: AudioTechATOC9: Trichord Dino and + power: Martin Logan Quest Z: Cables: Nordost Red dawn NOrdst Quattro Fill Stereovox SE1600s Stereovox Firebird Speaker C Stereovox HDL speaker C NEW, boxed. Set it up immediately. Using Jazz at the Pawn shop on record I immediately noticed an improvement over the C272. First the highs, cymbles, brushes were very clean, detailed. Dynamic structure present, kick drums. Pace and speed intact. Timbrel definition excellent. Saxaphone sounded like a sax. Percussion and sound staging excellent. This is a live album and this was indeed conveyed in the atmospheric sense. On CD P Methenys Secret story, my fav. Facing wst as fast as ever. Track 7, rain forest, lovely smooth build up, and of course that lovely silky occasional high note; his famous signature very present throughout, Shirley Horn (u will remember me) as intense as ever. Competition take serious note!!

Tim - UK

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