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User Review: C 715 Compact Music Systems - Poor USB implementation

May 3, 2009

Products: C 715 Compact Music Systems

As USB connectivity is the way audio is going (at least for those who don't want to have a laptop as their hifi), it is a shame the USB implementation on this system is so poor. First, it only plays lossy (WMA / mp3) formats, which in hi-fi terms makes it a complete non-starter. For a company like NAD that makes so much of sound quality this is a joke. 0/10. Secondly, the interface for USB-bound audio files is as poor as it can be. You can step through the music files on your pen drive / HDD / whatever bulk storage device you attach, but that's it. No programming, no random numerical access (a al CD). If you want to play the 1000th track on a directory with 2000 files in it, you have to step through them with the + / - buttons. Hopeless. N.B. I spent weeks contacting NAD and various dealers holding the product to get this information -- yay! to the dealers for supplying the info; 0/10 again to NAD for ignoring my questions. Must try better NAD. Watch a competer steal your thunder.

Dave Page - London

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