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User Review: VISO TWO DVD/CD Receiver - Poor Usability

March 26, 2009

Products: VISO TWO DVD/CD Receiver

Hi, After 6 month of intensive use, being a user experience professional myself, I can positively confirm that this product has very poor usability. The performance of the unit is very good, but the very use of it is highly cumbersome. This challenge falls into two category. The remote control is governed by *modes* - which is typically a no-no. As a consequence, you have to enter into certain modes (such as press the dvd button) before the play and pause button works (even though it is not used for something else in the other mode). This is something you rarely see in other remote control products, which makes this one very hard to use. The very unit itself also has a number of quirks, first of all the fact that hiding bass/treble in a menu means a lot of interaction just to change simple sound settings of the music, you are listening to - a very typical task. I must say I have been very disappointed with the unit in this respect.

Thomas - Denmark

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