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User Review: NAD IPD 2 Dock for iPod - Excellent product

February 13, 2009

Products: NAD IPD 2 Dock for iPod

The information about this product on the web is a bit sketchy so it was with some trepidation that I placed an order from an online retailer, after being bitterly disappointed by the Apple Universal Dock. I had some very specific requirements: 1/ Great sound quality 2/ Charging is optional On 1/ I had seen Apple use the headphone feed and the iPod's internal amplifier to provide a signal to the hi-fi. This is not good. Fortunately NAD are renowned experts in amplifiers and it does sound great. On 2/ I noted that it appeared to plug in to the wall. I was afraid that it relied on this source for powering the internal amp. Not true. It works even when the wall socket is switched off. I note that there is some inconsistency between the images of this product around the web. The model I received matches my white 5th Generation Video iPod. This is a very smart and great sounding product. Thoroughly recommended.

Christopher - Shropshire, UK

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