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User Review: C 515BEE CD Player - Great sound! Questionable build

December 19, 2008

Products: C 515BEE CD Player

It sounds great (I have a very simple bedroom setup of the C515BEE and Audioengine 2's), but recently the drawer seems to have a catch. After seeing that other people have had similar problems, I'm hoping for a quick resolution from NAD. Quality issue aside, beautifully simple design, great sound.



The "No Disc" issue described by some C 515BEE owners was a problem that affected some batches of product made during a three month period from November 2007 to January 2008. It was due to a part called a leaf switch which is used by most brands but only available from a few sub contractors, so this issue affected our competitors' CD players too. The repair is simple and NAD acted quickly to ensure that most units were corrected before being sold. If you do experience this issue please contact your dealer or local distributor who can fix it for you. Units made after January 2008 are not affected, so any players being bought today will not have this problem.

Matt - Portland

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C 515BEE CD Player

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