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User Review: C 315BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Great sound but......

December 18, 2008

Products: C 315BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Had this amp for a couple of months and it continues to improve. Keeps a firm grip on my Q Acoustics 1050i speakers and has no trouble driving them to insane levels when I'm in the mood. Does all the hi-fi stuff well. Clear but controlled treble. Excellent stereo separation and detail with superior soundstaging. The only downsides and I think they are significant, are the irritating mechanical buzzing from the transformer and the loud popping when swithiching on and off and between sources. Both of these are inexusable in a Hi-Fi amp.They are caused by poor mechanical isolation, in the case of the transformer and poor design in the case of the popping and thumping. Maybe I got a duff sample, or perhaps there's a problem with quality control. Either way this is a great sounding amp let down by questionable build quality. Thoroughly recommended for sound quality and value, but try and audition one before you buy in case the buzzing is a common problem. A+ for sound C- for build

Jack - England

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