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User Review: C 325BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Impressive

December 5, 2008

Products: C 325BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

I'll compare this little beast with CA 640A V2, HK980, Marantz PM 7003 and Denon PMA-1500AE. Ive listen all of them in a normal room, without any acoustic treatment. Supra cables, Mission m35i and Yamaha cd-S700. Harman was as boring as a dvd player in an stereophile system. Cambridge Audio lacked the grunt for rock, but sounded worm and pleasing enough. Marantz had double the price of the NAD. This is a great amplifier, the sound coming from this is beautiful. Denon: not my kicker. It sounds good, but almost 1000E? No way for what it offers! At one point, a dude entered the room holding in its arms what appeared to be an amplifier made with mining tools from scratch plastics! Ugly as a sin I tell you! It was the last amplifier to be listen, we ware tired, hungry and nor really in the mood for another session. It played Pavarotti and friends. I am not kidding, the hair on our arms stood up. The most unbelievable sub 300E sound Ive ever heard in my life! Thank you NAD! Thanks a LOT!

stege - Bucharest-romania

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