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User Review: C 272 Stereo Power Amplifier - Awesome, Clean Power

December 16, 2006

Products: C 272 Stereo Power Amplifier

Well I have owned this product from new and is now 2 years old. It still brings a smile to my face. It is a no nosense power amp. It provides clean power with heaps of reserves to my Lsi'9's. When I first bought my speakers I had a $600US Pioneer receiver with Kimbre 4tc cable. I was pretty much dissapointed with my $1500US speakers. Enter the C272, it has breathed life in to these speakes. They sounds amazing. When I build a house in the comning year I will be buying a few more NAD products. No annoying flashing lights, a simple power button. The C272 does not need flashy lights to say 'look at me', the way it drives my 3.2ohm speakers under any load is amazing. Consider me one satisfied customer. A suggestion would be a switchable power supply. I picked up this device from the USA whilst on work, and use a Tiplite Line Filter and then a 2000w step down convertor, a siwtchable PSU would be handy. Thanks NAD Shane Baldacchino

Shane Baldacchino - Melbourne, Australia

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