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User Review: C 162 Stereo Preamplifier - Ecstatically Happy

November 18, 2008

Products: C 162 Stereo Preamplifier

I owned a PS Audio preamp bought many years ago, and I guess it has been going downhill (sonically) for some time now. I replaced it with the NAD C162. I bought this unit based on the review in The Absolute Sound. WOW! I cannot believe the improvement! I am on a very limited budget, as most (all?) of my money has been going into starting a business. I was looking at a Rotel unit for around $1200 - glad I went with the NAD. The 3 dimensionality and soundstage is impressive. The tonal accuracy and clarity is hard to believe at this price. My friend came over and said: "I've never heard your system sound so good." The NAD C162 is closer to neutral - neither romantic nor analytical. It will not make a bad recording sound good - but when you get a really good recording... oh my! The phono section (while not allowing different loading) is wonderful. I have stopped listening to my speakers, and have been immersed into the music - what audio is all about. Well done NAD!

Jerry Zell - Lomita, CA, USA

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