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User Review: T 785 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - T785

June 28, 2008

Products: T 785 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

Impressive! Switched up from NAD T770 which has amazing sound of it's own. Immediately noticed dramatic increase in dialogue clarity as well as soundstage width and depth. Very musical. Made my Paradigm Reference CC, Studio 100's, 60's and servo 15, sound incredible! Didn't think the change would be that dramatic. Had auditioned Integra 8.8, Denon 4308 and upper end Marantz. Musically, no comparision. Love the idea of keeping the teroidal tranformers while having easy technical component upgrades. No need to throw out the baby with the bath water just to upgrade to the next fashionable audio format. NAD and Audyssey instructions could have been better detailed. Had to go to Audyssey website for mic positioning. Diagram would have removed positioning ambiguity. Have not had a chance to examine the video side in depth but so far, it's excellent. That aside, love it and so does my wife. If technology can impress the opposite sex, then NAD's onto something.

Jay Phillips - Canada

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