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User Review: NAD IPD 1 Dock for iPod - Initial impressions of IPOD Dock

June 24, 2008

Products: NAD IPD 1 Dock for iPod

I just purchased the IPD-1 Ipod dock. On the downside, there were no printed instructions for setting up the device other than the visual cable diagram on the box. While I was able to figure out what cables went where you can't assume every purchaser will hook it up as you intended perhaps causing unnecessary frustration and extra calls asking for help. I have the 1st generation Nano and the Nano adapter supplied (its obvious from the choice of the 4 adapters) does not line up with the position of the Nano connection jack. The bottom line is the Nano is plugged into the IPD without the aid of the adaptor. On the upside, in typical NAD fashion the device is simple to use and the sound is cleaner than the alternative department store Ipod to stereo devices. Don't have expectations that this will sound better than a good CD source. You still have to live with the limitations of the compressed sound format inherent in every Ipod, which is no fault of NAD or the IPD-1

Bill Ladas - Massachusetts

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