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User Review: C 372 Stereo Integrated Amplifier - captain fantastic

June 14, 2008

Products: C 372 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

strong amp. at very fair price,looks simple but thats why i like it so much,the nad c372 is a wolf in a sheep skin(and sorry about my bad english)very powerful and capable to kick any kind of speakers,the c372 is to hot,too warm, but i dont worry cos i know that 150w per ch. could not be cold. i also have the nad cd player c542 and the nad dab tuner 445, very good set. I am a 2 ch freak and the nad c372 is a good choice for me, my speakers cables are monster z-1 and my speakers are polk audio rti a7(don't like them) i also have polk audio rti6(nice speakers) and JBL lx60 and JBL N38, the jbl'S are much better from the polk and they works with ths NAD C372 much much better. the NAD C372 is a fantastic amp. play on a FLAT position very well. the remote control is very useful but it did not work with the 445 tuner(what a pitty). the NAD set that i have is a very good set and i hope that i will be enjoying them for a long time.

meir cohen - israel

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