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User Review: T 785 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - The must have ...

April 13, 2008

Products: T 785 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

I've got my T785 since dec ’07 and it’s in good company : -B&W 703 - 705 - ASW700 -Pioneer KURO PRO-110FD -HDMI Wireworld Starlight 52 As the hart of this 5.1 the T785 rocks !! It blew every visiter we had so far of his/her socks and this my friends is the best review you can get … not our humble opinion but the reactions of our familly and friends when looking and listeing with their jaws onto the ground. With Ratatouille - loaded with surrounds btw and the best film we saw so far on our 5.1 - the T785 had no problem producing pristine sound and video quality, also during the most demanding scenes. With Phil Collins’ First Farewell Tour the volume rises and man … you think you’re in Paris in the middle of the crowd. With the HTRC 1 you’ve got a very straightforward remote. It's possible to adjust the volume of the SUB, center and surrounds with the HTRC 1 and the OSD gives you simple access to the T785 functions. Can’t wait till NAD gives us an equally good Blu Ray player.

Peter Vervliet - Hemiksem, Belgium

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