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User Review: C 272 Stereo Power Amplifier - Solid performer

March 18, 2008

Products: C 272 Stereo Power Amplifier

Have had this amp now for 10 months matched with a cyrus cd6s and Magneplanar 1.6qr speakers. TMC gold speaker cables. I have to agree with a previous post about leaving the amp turned on for a few hours before listening as there is a world of difference. There is less life and atmosphere in the sound when the amp is cold so please don't make any judgements until it is well warmed up. This is an amp you can live with happily if you have'nt got thousands to play with. I actually sold the matching pre amp as I found the direct connection to the power amp delivered a more dynamic and resolute sound with better transient attack and definition. I had monoblocks in the past which sounded slightly cleaner with more air and detail, but they cost 5 times as much as the NAD and the NAD still gets me involved in the music. So overall this is very good value for money and has a tonne of power and control with enough insight to let you get personal with the performers.

Darren Black - Australia

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