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User Review: L54 DVD Receiver

March 15, 2008

Products: L54 DVD Receiver

The NAD L54 has a very good FM & AM tuner. I don’t know about you, but I think this is an overlooked area by reviewers & many times the manufacturer. I still want a good FM and AM tuner in my receiver. This unit provides that. But I have some issues. This unit is called a receiver and therefore I expect some things from a receiver & maybe I just didn’t do my homework prior to buying. 1. The remote is little cryptic to operate. I usually figure out the sequence for most remotes, digital watch settings, software application settings, etc., but not so with this remote. A remote should be largely intuitive & this one is not. However, I have gotten used to it. 2. The SRS can only be used with digital sources. So one cannot use it with the Tuner. 3. There is no tape monitor option. 4. There are only one set of speaker connections. Also the speaker connectors are just a little wider than the standard width of a double banana plug! Why? 5. If you are listening to the Tuner & decide to retrieve a CD or DVD from the tray, the unit switches to DVD/CD & the tuner is shut down. This again is counter intuitive to me. All I wanted to do was open the tray door, not switch sources. There is an excessive delay (over 7 seconds) from the time I hit the open button & the door finally opens in comparison to other components I own or have owned. 6. The user manual is very basic & even vague. For instance, there is no discussion about how to turn off the sub-woofer output or even the crossover frequency. The only sub woofer adjustment seems to be the level control on the remote. There is no “bypass” mode apparently, so the tone controls are always in circuit. The display has abbreviations on it that are not referenced in the manual. The word mute shows up when it isn’t muted. 7. I have not tried the DVD player (shame on me) but the CD player sounds fine. I have been an Audio nut since 1969 and have owned & still own several NAD products. NAD 1600, 4155, 3220PE for example. These were & still are very fine products. I expected the same features & ease of use from the L54. So I expected a lot from NAD & the L54 falls a little short in a few areas & excels in others.

RM Vargo - SE Michigan

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