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User Review: C 372 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

February 10, 2008

Products: C 372 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

I have treasured NAD products since 1982 as the benchmark of performance. I own a NAD 2200 amp (100x2) and NAD 1130 preamp, which I purchased in 1987. Both components operate flawlessly after 20 years! I purchased a C372 integrated amp to replace a NAD 7140 (40x2) receiver purchased in 1996 for a secondary system, which has also worked flawlessly. In terms of music performance the C372 lacks impact compared to the 2200 or 7140. The 2200 is a champion performer when it comes to power and impact. What the C372 does better is present a little better imaging/soundstage than the 2200 but not at all to any point that I feel there is an advantage over the 2200. The C372 blows my other systems away when it comes to flexibility. It has more than enough inputs/outputs and the ability to hookup additional amps for subs, etc. I am still satisfied with this product and strongly recommend NAD products to anyone considering audio equipment. The 7140 receiver now has a new home in my bedroom.

Gerald Meredith - Erie, PA

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