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User Review: D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier - Shocked $14000 Competitor

July 1, 2014

Products: D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier

I brought this amp to a local dealer to test out a KEF R900 which was already connected to a Musical Fidelity AMS50 ($14k) and all top model MF preamp + CD player. We decided to listen for 2 hours with the current setup to ensure the R900 is really the speaker I'd like to get. But I need to know whether the D7050 would match well to the KEF. So having the CD coax out direct to the NAD, my friend and shop owner kept saying I needed a bigger amp to drive the R900. When the music started playing, everybody went silent shocked. The little NAD was sounding tighter and cleaner than the MF and can kept up with the high volume while playing house dance music. Even though volume was at 80%, it sounded clean and effortless. Finally the dealer broke the silence and said "this amp actually sounds pretty damn good, it can keep up and matches well with speakers that big." I myself expected the C390DD to be the minimum amp to use which I already have at home. My friend who didn't say a thing at the shop as he just bought $100K worth of other stuff went raving mad on the way back saying, "I can't believe a NAD sounded that good. When you pulled out that little thing I thought you were going to embarrass us. That dealer's face was shocked frozen. I gotta research this direct digital thing." I told him to just skip the whole analog thing and go straight direct digital. Should've believed me...


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