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User Review: C 515BEE CD Player - Best of a Small Class

December 21, 2007

Products: C 515BEE CD Player

There are not many MP3 capable single disk CD machines on the market. I tried the Brujo (now mercifully discontinued), the Teac CD-P-1260, and a couple of DVD units before I finally found the C515BEE. This is a quality audio component with a unique capability that NAD would do well to add their other CD players. The display is clear and informatve, unlike the units I tried which were mainly meant to be video DVD players. I can't find a major fault. It handles every disk I put in the drawer and it sounds great doing it. Unlike certain other units, it seems oblivious to cold and humidity - it worked perfectly right off the truck when it was delivered. Nitpicking, it would be nice if more functions were on the front panel instead of just the remote, especially the "Random" button. Well, nothing is ever perfect and BEE can earn his pay for a few months fixing the small stuff for the next version. If you have MP3's on your hard drive, burn them to CD and get one ot these.

JGT - Middletown. Ohio

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C 515BEE CD Player

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