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User Review: M51 Direct Digital DAC, M50 Digital Music Player, M52 Digital Music Vault - One Year Update

May 11, 2014

Products: M51 Direct Digital DAC, M50 Digital Music Player, M52 Digital Music Vault

Having made an early move to the NAD Digital Suite, I thought I'd update my experience over the past year+. The M50 has been a very solid player, audio quality is remarkable and absolutely no regrets re: choosing this control unit over other options. The M52 did have one issue, where one of the disk drives failed. NAD worked with my dealer, the unit was sent to NAD, and the issue was resolved. Fixing this issue was NOT a simple plug and play process. But since that episode, everything has worked well. The M51 is simply a stud. Remarkable sound quality, and if any piece of audio equipment costing $2000 can be considered a value, this is it! In the past year, I have added whole house Bluesound to round out the system I had envisioned back when I started this major digital upgrade path. With the M50/M52/M51 in my main system, and Bluesound Nodes and Powernodes for all other rooms and patio, I now have excellent hi-res music everywhere. I am extremely happy with all aspects of this solution. Because I simply can't help myself, I've done several tweaks. For the M50=>M51 connection, I now have Audioquest Wild AES/EBU. For the M52=>M50 connection, I now have AQ Diamond USB. Those two connections have taken an already excellent signal path to new heights. And I've taken the PSB Synchrony 2s up off the floor a bit with Soundocity Outriggers, allowing for a more open and clear soundstage. Also, I have gone the HDTracks route for many downloads, and improving the source has added another level of quality listening. As mentioned by some of the more recent reviewers, there have been some growing pains with both the app software and firmware. But this is to be expected with new products and technology, and NAD has worked with me and my dealer to resolve any issues quickly. Although I was quite concerned over a year ago about going all in with this then-unproven suite of products, as well as digital in general, at this point I am very happy with my choices. The NAD Digital Suite, combined with the Bluesound system and hi-res files, has brought musical bliss to my home. It was worth the wait!

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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