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User Review: C 516BEE CD Player - C516BEE Budget Player Big on Sound

April 26, 2014

Products: C 516BEE CD Player

I Replaced my Arcam Cd player after 7 years in finally give up on me. My Budget was low but wanted a Good player to replace the Arcam. I recently purchased the C516BEE player After 3 days of Listening the verdict is WOW. This budget player Has sonic ability well above my expectations for a budget player. The soundstage is wide, the detail it uncovers is as good as players twice its price. The player is transparent with a good soundstage and very coherent. In short the C516BEE is very musical. I knew it would sound great I have owned a C542 in the past. I was not expecting to be Amazed by it sonic ability. I had to write this review just to thank NAD . Im sure they get to hear when things go wrong So this is a well done for such a great Cd player at a Bargain Price THANK YOU NAD Rob Swansea UK

Robert Day - Swansea

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