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User Review: D 1050 USB DAC - Great Sounding DAC

April 18, 2014

Products: D 1050 USB DAC

I auditioned three DAC's in the $500 price range in my home. I purchased the D 1050 because it sounded better. Now that I have used the DAC for a month or so, I am very pleased. All music that I stream through an Apple Airport Express sounds much improved. I connect my NAD C 516BEE to the DAC and CD's sound better through the DAC than they do when connected via analog cables from the CD player. A plus of the D 1050 over some other DAC's is that is can be used with a remote control. I purchased a Logitech Harmony 650 remote, and the Logitech web setup allowed me to select the D 1050 as a device. The remote is programmed to turn on the correct components and settings for my amp, CD Player, and DAC for listening to CD's with one button and the amp and DAC with the correct settings for streaming music through the Airport Express with another button.

Al - Illinois

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