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User Review: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier - Thank you so much.

March 25, 2014

Products: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier

I bought the D 3020 as soon as it became available through my local reseller. There is a bit of a back story. Thirty years ago, when my new partner and I had our daughter, we lived in a small house with other folk. One of those people owned a NAD 3020 amp and a pair of stand mount Sony speakers. During those years, I was a half-time stay at home dad. I would feed my daughter in the morning and try to get her off for a late morning nap. My tried and trued method was to cradle her in my arms and walk her up and down to the Doobie Brothers or to Country Joe and the Fish. I know, you are wondering how she could sleep with that racket - but she did. In any event, the satisfaction that I also got out of the NAD 3020 has stayed with me for all of these intervening years. The introduction of the D3020 came at the same time as my putting together a small 2 - channel system for my university office. I jumped at the chance to own the D 3020. I have paired the D 3020 with Paradigm's Studio 10 v.5 speakers. The trick for me was to suffer no diminution in musical quality in my small office space from my home system (Quad 909s/99, Paradigm Signature S8, Auduolab M-DAC etc). The D3020 has allowed me to achieve my goal. As I listen to Paul Lewis in Beethoven's Piano Concerto 5 (my musical tastes have not so much changed as broadened) it is as clear as a bell. Of greater importance, the piano (attack, sustain and decay) is all there perfect, just perfect. Thank you so much.

Patrick Case

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