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User Review: C 542 CD Player - Life to CDs

March 3, 2014

Products: C 542 CD Player

Whilst I do prefer vinyl records, I would like to have an ordinary CD player to "turn of the computer and focus on music listening". I found this CD player in very good condition and it is playing well since the first CD I tested. Never got reading errors or lags. It plays correctly CD-Rs. I'm still willing to test HD-CDs, but currently they are very difficult to find. I believe that a good CD record can be as good as a SA-CD. I play some reference CDs with this player and the result is fantastic. The only thing I miss is the lack of a digital input to us the internal DAC [but this feature is rare even in other brands]. Sitting on the floor to choose the CDs I want to listen is very different from picking a file on the PC. I think this player is part of the old times "stereo aura" and would recommend to anyone willing to buy an excelent piece of equipment.

R - Brazil

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