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User Review: C 356BEE DAC Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Review of this Amp after 8 weeks

January 30, 2014

Products: C 356BEE DAC Stereo Integrated Amplifier

My setup is a PC running XP, External Hard Drive and running Foobar music software. Connected to the amp are the speakers, Tannoy Mercury V4 Custom floorstanders on Speaker B and a speaker cable splitter which splits the Speaker A between a pair of Wharfedale Modus speakers and a KEF Centre Speaker in separate rooms. First listen was good, but spoilt by a clicking noise sounding similar to static or jitter on the tracks playing. The soft jitter button helped a little but not much. Replacing my old USB cable with a better quality one helped an lot. Surprised for a £700 amp that a USB cable was not supplied. I play music almost continuously, so after a week or so it was settling in. Still the odd jitter noise but that could be down to the individual MP3s. I have several friends who could not understand why I wanted an amp like this, even they appreciated the difference. The separation between instruments is excellent and you can hear all the tiny details. Particularly good is Annie Lennox's "Whiter Shade of Pale", said to be very over produced as a recording, if you listen to it through this you can hear all the different layers and every nuance of Annie's voice. Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" plays the over the top bass right after the singer's single breath out excellently. Other songs are equally excellent and I do enjoy playing it to non-audiophiles and saying "that's what this track is supposed to sound like" Just a shame about the occasional click/static which could be the MP3s themselves

Alistair - Hindmarsh

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C 356BEE DAC Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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