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User Review: VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones - wonderful headphones almost perfect

December 20, 2013

Products: VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones

I'm a nad and psb speakers lover..have numerous systems set up through out my house,anyone who wants real sound knows these brand are some of the best value for money and there sound quality is near perfect to my ears. Currently I have the psb m4u2 which I love dearly and use everyday they are wonderful sounding headphones they have the same room feel tech as the Nad Hp50 but use AAA Batteries they also have noise cancelling as well....now I'll cut to the Chase...the Nad Hp50 are almost as good as the Psbs in active mode when it comes to sound quality and that's a great achievement Sound is extremely detailed and very expressive especially lyrics and instruments...bass is all there nothing over enthusiastic like other brands of headphones I would say that the Hp50 should be first on your list for quality music listening on the go. I like the way the headphones feel on your head Very light and because there's no battery to replace they are slightly more comfortable then the Psb m4u2s. The headphone cable that's included is of acceptable quality not as good as the Psb m4u2 though.. Overall seen how Paul Barton was in charge in designing both you cannot lose with both the Nad or Psb headphones.....keep up the fantastic work ...

James Cychowski - australia

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