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User Review: VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones - What the Dr. Ordered.....

December 6, 2013

Products: VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones

Fruit is not just Fruit. Apples and Papaya. Sound is NOT just 'Sound' Years ago when I was a mere pup I got hooked on British Sound. A rep brought a couple of bookshelf speakers into a high end Audio store that I worked in and paced them on the floor saying" I'll pick them up in two weeks". At first I found them horrible. Two weeks later I was pleading with him to leave them behind. Since then EVERY British Audio Product I've heard has had me within three bars. A few weeks ago I was in Edmonton, Alberta... I live in Calgary... to pick up an Astell&Kern AK120. The AK120 does NOT suffer the average, so anything substandard would be blown over the backyard fence. I wanted a new set of headphones and the dealer had the new KEF's What I DIDN'T know is that they had, scotched away, only 2 pairs of HP50's. They're so new over here they're almost impossible to find. I tried them both, back and forth over and over again in rapid succession...spurred madly on by your "Wall Of Fame" Review on InnerFidelity. My feeling is, if you start to quantify one pair over the other, you can easily overthink it leading to a lot of "yeah, BUT's". Far better to make the decision almost subconsciously. The Winner in the first and only round were the HP50's. An entirely different design but, for my Loonies and Toonies, I found better detail and a considerably better fit. The other side's pair would literally fall off your noggin' if you leaned forward in the slightest. I have a very expensive set of Shure IEM's, a great pair of Grado's, but they all sound very 'American'. Forward, forward, forward. The HP50's sound so 'effortless'.. exceptionally musical, beautifully accurate. It's the British Sound I ADORE, and they deliver by the truck full. On to design. Being able to plug a flat cable, (*Genius), into either earpiece is so brilliant and such a no brainer, I've used it frequently at my desk, on the other side of a hot cup of joe. The design is superb, case and accessories wonderful in short it's the Whole Enchilada. I BARELY caught Tyll's review on InnerFidelity the night before and was so, so surprised that the Gramophone in Edmonton could afford me the extremely unlikely ability to compare the two.... That just was not supposed to happen. I feel very fortunate that it did. Gents? You've pulled off an extraordinary feat. I'm very glad that my tax dollars at the Canada Research Council could make that kind of difference. ha! Warmest of Regards and Thanks for an exceptionally 'REAL' Listening Experience. John Sharpe/Sharpeshots

John Sharpe - Canada

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