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User Review: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier - Nice little amp!

November 24, 2013

Products: D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier

Have spent the better part of the past two years upgrading my main system with T787/M50/M51/M52/PSB Synchronies & Minis, Basement with T757, the whole house & patio streaming with Bluesound, and a heavy dose of room treatments, the only area I had neglected was the "computer room". Still had just a NuForce udac and Bose Companion II speakers in there, and play just FLAC files via JRiver in that room. The speakers were the obvious weak link. Considered many options from just upgraded powered speakers or both new dac & speakers. So considered NAD1050 with PSB powered Alphas. But really didn't want to mess with a sub in that room, and the powered Alphas definitely need the sub. In the end decided to get a better amp with the D3020, and use passive speakers. Tried some DefTech Promonitor 1000s, which were gathering dust from a prior system, and they were OK, but ended up getting another set of Imagine Minis, using AQ Type 4 speaker cable I had lying around. The D3020 with Minis is an excellent desktop combination -- more than I really need in that room, but the sound is great and I don't need a sub. Controls for the D3020 are simple, the remote is totally adequate. A few oddities, like the button in back for the bass setting, but I never use that anyway. Although I rarely have need to use it, the D3020 headphone amp is pretty good. I'm using AQ Cinnamon USB cable, but may upgrade that at some point. I do get a "pop" every once in a while, not sure yet the cause of that, can't determine a pattern re: file sample size/rates, seems more random...

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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