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User Review: C 546BEE CD Player - Better detail and Bass

November 19, 2013

Products: C 546BEE CD Player

Loyal to NAD...love design aesthetic and price point for quality. Run CD players through NAD receiver. This is an upgrade from the 521 BEE which gave up the ghost after about 8 years. Immediately noticed the stronger presence of voice and mid-range, but especially the punch of the bass. For the latter much depends on the recording, as there is heightened sensitivity to the bass mix. This does mean some recordings have been too strong, and I have been tempted to re-calibrate the subwoofer. But others, like one of my test CD's, Nick Lowe's excellent "Dig My Mood" find the bass mix intact as before. The liveliness of the low end has me keeping the settings as is and having fun with the surprises that spring forth. Otherwise much more detail all around, and a surprising difference that make the purchase worth it even before the CD player breaks. My only qualm is now build quality, as 8 years for the 521 seems a tad light.

Scott - Brooklyn NY

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