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User Review: 3240PE Integrated Amplifier - A nice unit for $10

October 27, 2013

Products: 3240PE Integrated Amplifier

It's amazing what $10 can get you nowadays. I cleaned out the cobwebs and the pots with tuner cleaner and it was ready+rearin' to go. I pick up all the vintage NAD equipment I can get because (a) it's so good and (b) I wanted to see what I missed in the 1990s. Watch the 4 watt / 8 watt output setting. Watch the output transistors when firing up. The active set seem to bake but well... it's probably ok. Again, cleaning in and around with tuner cleaner before use is probably a good idea as 15 years have already baked "sooty dust" onto everything that gets hot. If you are conservative or it looks really clean, at least spray the potentiometers and clean the area around the output transistors on the HUGE heat sink.

Thomas - Pfaff

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