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User Review: MDC DAC - Good interim DAC

August 30, 2013

Products: MDC DAC

I was on the verge of buying a Rega DAC until I found out that I can also get a NAD DAC with my 375BEE. I loaned both samples and did extensive listening comparing this MDC DAC vs the Rega and I found that they they exhibit some "sameness" in terms of dynamics, imaging and depth, clarity, and believe it or not, tonality. I found no reason to spend a few hundreds on the Rega if something as small and discrete as this MDC DAC can do almost all whatever the Rega can. I believe this is a good interim DAC for somebody waiting to buy a more serious DAC like the NAD M51 or a BelCanto. This is a good DAC, definitely. *SPDIF input was used for both tests. I have a V-Link from Musical Fidelity converting my USB to optical. *Speakers used was a Harbeth SHL5 and a PSB Synchrony One B on a 'biggish' well-damped room.

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