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User Review: C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier - Fantastic Amp

August 10, 2013

Products: C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier

The C390DD replaced a Rega DAC>van den Hul the First Ultimate mk2>Primare A30.1; a very good sounding set with a new price about €1000 more then the NAD. The NAD bested it in all aspects, bigger soundstage with more depth, deeper bass, far more detail, completely clean yet never sharp or sterile or mechanical, but very musical, incredible! But be aware, the amp really needs about 100 hours to sound good, right out of the box I heart a grating, unpleasant sharp sound which made me feeling desperate. But this completely disappeared in 3 or 4 days continous playing. Also, don't forget to set the impedance right, it makes a difference, especially in the treble. I also gratefully manged to remove a 'boom' in my room thanks to the room eq. All in all, this is spectacular amp, best I ever heart, and I suspect this new kind of amp will completely kill class AB amps in the coming years. But one request NAD: could you please please please add a completely off to the display, preferable auto off? The display is horribly ugly and completely unreadable from more then 2 meters. It would look so much better with the display off, and the displayed info is usually useless. Talking about the display, I would also like a big volume indication only option, readable from across the room, 5 meters in my case.

Lex v W - Netherlands

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C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier

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