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User Review: M5 CD SACD Player - The end to hi-fi frustration

August 29, 2007

Products: M5 CD SACD Player

My search for musical satisfaction has last over 15 years. I have had every kind of set up available, including tube, solid state, mono blocks and hybrid systems. I have owned a McCormick UDP, Arcam CD23 & 33, Marantz SA-11 all awesome players. I replaced them all with the M-5. The M-5 is the only CD player with cd/sacd/hdcd that I know of, all three formats is superb! The M-5 is the least expensive of all these players and it blows them away! I can have any CD player I want and there is nothing more competent in every area and format than the M-5. I replaced my parasound JC-1 Mono's, and Audio Research LS-25MKII with an NAD M-3, sounds insane and you would think a giant step backward, well think again. I honestly expected a huge difference, but there wasn't. The M-3 gives me 80-90% of what I had and in some area's is an improvement. The NAD M-3 & M-5 together is simply the most musically satisfying experience I have ever had! The HI-FI frustration is over for good. Amen. Thank You NAD

David Barry

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