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User Review: M51 Direct Digital DAC - Digital perfection in stylish design.

April 6, 2013

Products: M51 Direct Digital DAC

At the beginning of 2000 I was auditioning a pair of Dynaudio monitors that my brother was about to buy. We hooked em up to several amps, but the one that sounded absolutely best was a NAD Silverline S300. Most impressive integrated amp for a reasonable price that got me interested in NAD. At that time I was completely set to multichannel sound and at that time NAD didn't offer anything of my liking, but I decided to get a surround processor from them if they would ever make something that would come close to the 'Silverline' sound......and they did. The M25 which I own for about 6 years now was convincing in every sonical aspect that I think is important for a power amp, but the M15 was a bit to warm sounding for my taste. I was hoping NAD would come up with something more refined sounding and again they did :-) The M15hd does beat the M15 in every aspect and lived up to my expectations and actual exceeded them. Was I in for a surprise they were planning to create a stereo dac that also would double as a pre amp in the by myself adored Master Series. After buying the M50 and M52 I simply had to have this Master dac. I thought it was difficult to beat the M15hd on a sonical level but somehow the wizards of NAD brewed up a dac that was taking detail to a new and higher level. The micro detail that was omni present in the M15hd was now even more present with a tad more punch. The overall sound of the M51 can be described as punchy detailed and very open sounding. I have never had such a stressless experience of listening to music. I'm getting addicted to the Master Series and already looking forward to the next product in this line.

Eric de Jong - Tilburg

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