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User Review: C 556 Turntable - Long Time Turntable Owner

February 27, 2013

Products: C 556 Turntable

I bought my C556 about 8 years ago, maybe a little longer. I have never been disappointed by it. I am running it through a twenty-two year old NAD Integrated Amp/Receiver with an integrated Phono pre-amp, specifically an NAD 7240 Power Envelope. This amp has also never failed to deliver musical excellence. After eight years with the C556, I am looking to get it a new drive belt, which is why I am on the site. It hasn't broken yet, but it seems a little looser than it used to be so I figured, why not splurge. When I bought the C556, it came with a Goldring cartridge that had warm balanced sound, but perhaps not the most powerful response. I replaced that with a DynaVector 10x5 moving coil cartridge that was OK, but lacked the robustness that I was hoping for. I have just put an Ortofon Blue 2M on the arm, and it is like a whole new world opened up sonically from the C556. The platform of the C556 is simply excellent. Whatever cartridge you put on that arm, it will respond through the C556. The motor is rock solid and insulated from the turntable by the drive belt. The arm is heavy and rigid, with excellent balance. In eight years, I can not think of a single complaint, and I expect that it will be with me in another twenty years, much like my amp.

Howard - Philadelphia. PA

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