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User Review: C 525BEE CD Player - My new affordable CD player

August 7, 2007

Products: C 525BEE CD Player

My old REGA planet 2000 CD player died last spring. I was satisfied with this player but the optical lens broke last year. I changed it at that time but one year after the SONY mechanism was broken. I had to make a decision... Do I repair it or buy a new one? I decided to buy a new one. I had listened to a lot of CD players before I picked for this NAD. I listened to a Cambridge AZUR, ARCAM CD73, NAIM CD5I, REGA Apollo, NAD C542 and C525BEE. My budget was tight. I did not want to spend more than 1000,00 $ CDN for a new CD player. The NAD was the solution. It is not as good as my old REGA CD player but it does a nice job for the price. It is a real value for the money. The sound is neither aggressive nor boring. It has plenty of dynamic and details with great bass. It doesn't have the resolution of the REGA Planet or NAD C542 but it manages well in reproducing the music. I have a lot of pleasure listen to music with the NAD. I recommend it.

Gino Lavoie - Montréal, Québec, Canada

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