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User Review: T 757 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - Quality Won Out Over Bells & Whistles - Again

January 27, 2013

Products: T 757 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

Struggled thru the quality vs. convenience dilemma recently with my main system (got a T787 in the end, right choice btw). Next up was an upgrade for my basement system, which has historically inherited the outdated stuff from upstairs systems. Most often I use the basement system for music while working out, so no, it really doesn't NEED to be high-end. I was leaning strongly toward a Swiss Army Knife AVR to just make things easy for me to stream Airplay or FLAC. I did a test run using my patio AVR since it is idle during the winter. Liked the convenience, but the highs sent to my DefTech 7004s made my ears bleed. So knew I'd have to move up a bit to cover all bases, and considered the Marantz 7007. But in the end, I just couldn't do it :) I got the T757 and a used Marantz NA7004 NW player, gives me better sound (especially bass) and also more flexibility if I want to upgrade just the NW player at some point. The price drop made this a no-brainer, compared to similarly-priced options. The T787 (along with my C565 and M51) had made me a believer in NAD, and the T757 has reinforced that. It's built like a tank. There is no harshness on the high end, mids are pure, and the lows are tight and clean. Video pass-through is great. Controls and setup are straightforward. What more could you ask for?

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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