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User Review: 7240PE Stereo Receiver - NAD has "it" figured out

January 14, 2013

Products: 7240PE Stereo Receiver

The way I understand NAD; they got it all figured out since the 80s. You get the best quality parts, the best brains to figure out how to make it work, the best deals for building the components and assembling them at reasonable build cost, and have a top quality product for the consumer well above the competition. It's always been like that for NAD and wish it will keep on going with the reliability and top innovation like always. I'm a regular consumer, but the way I see NAD is very similar as the way I see for example Mordaunt-Short; keep on making top quality products for the best prices for the consumer, and keep yourself in the right track with the right plan. I came across big time NAD fans here in my region, and we're talking about people byuying all NAD since 30 years, and they know from what I heard they got the best product money can buy. I wish all the big names would get back on track, yet NAD from what I know never lost the tracks in the first place XD Cheers to NAD and the great product lines they have built across the years!!!


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