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User Review: T 754 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - Dynamic and delicate

July 6, 2007

Products: T 754 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

I have owned the T-754 for about a month now and it continues to please and amaze me with its combination of musical nuance and effortless power. In the days after hooking up the T-754, I listened to about 100 of my favorite CDs, covering many different musical styles, and always came away happy. This is the best my system has ever sounded. And the T-754 continues to sound even sweeter as it breaks in. For movies, the T-754 provides accurate surround steering, clear, intelligible dialog, and planet-busting dynamics. Gunshots sound so real, I have a tendency to wince. My cats simply gave up and dived behind the couch for cover. Even with the most demanding scenes, the T-754 never came close to running out of steam. I really love the EARS surround mode for making 5.1 out of 2-channel sources. It never sounds hokey or fake; in fact it invariably sounds better than stereo playback. This is a superb component at a reasonable price.

Kenneth G - Florida, USA

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