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User Review: T 748 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - No sound when I turn it on.

October 8, 2012

Products: T 748 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

I don't know if you folks have this problem I have with the NAD T748. After several hours standing by, when I turn the receiver on there is no sound coming out from the speakers. For example, I could be using the tuner, but once I turn it off and leave the receiver in stand by (for several hours), when I turn it on again, there is the problem. No sound coming out from the speakers, and It would keep so until I switch from tuner to any other input and then come back to tuner. The problem is not with the tuner, the problem is: NO matter what function I was using before I turn it off, once I turn it on back again (after several hours standing by) there won't be any sound until I change the function and then come back, or... turn it off then on again. I mean, are you serious???? I went to the store where I bought it, just to find that the T748 they have in exhibition has the same problem. Unfortunately here in Mexico, due to the import taxes, I paid almost 1600 USD for this receiver, more than twice its cost there in the US, for a receiver with such a remarkable name and for the price, I really didn't expect to find this inconvenience. The sound is superb, and I love how it looks. I was using an Onkyo before the T748, huge difference. But I find this problem REALLY ANNOYING!! If anyone has the same problem as I do, please do share your experience, and how you solved the problem. I thank you in advance. I am one step from taking it back and ask my refund. Too bad, because I love this receiver so much; simple (doesn't have 30 buttons on the front panel), good sound, and doesn'´t have functions such as room effect (who wants to listen to the music like it was in the bathroom, church, garage with echo???). It does what it was meant to.

Isao - Mexico

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