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User Review: 5300 CD Player - NAD 5300 CD player

October 1, 2012

Products: 5300 CD Player

I still have one of these in daily use. It's my private machine and usually sees a set of headphones late at night. If I remember correctly this unit used a Burr-Brown DAC (expensive back then)purported to be extremely accurate with regard to converting the MSB (most significant bit?). I'm over my head here.. It also has a digital out (never tried it) if you wanted the raw digital stream via coax. It has a "disc quality" indicator to advise you of the unit's ability to interpolate and correct errors on the disc. Also had a dynamic range compressor for late night listening and an "ambience" control to warm up shrill sounding discs. With three other players in my rack this still holds a respected place and sounds better than any of the other players.

R C Klostermeyer - Kalifornia

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