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User Review: C 326BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier - The best Amp "little" money can buy

August 3, 2012

Products: C 326BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

I never had any experience with NAD before. Had heard Marantz, Cambridge etc but NAD was not in my list when i went for shopping. I had Marantz before and wanted to upgrade to something else. Someone told me to try NAD. Went to my dealer and saw this black beauty sitting right in the corner of the shop. Asked my dealer first to play Cambridge and then later Marantz. After listening to these amps for a while, i asked him to switch to NAD now. And boy, what a difference in sound this little gem of a amp had. The sound was smooth with detail to each and every strings and drums that were there in the song. Played few of my fav songs on it and i could hear things that i haven't heard before. It had "laidback" kinda touch to it, which i personally prefer. Immediately called up my wife and asked her to come down to the shop. Even she was floored by what she heard. Straight came the answer "BUT IT". I have been a crazy when it comes to electronics and have bought many speakers,amps, wiring etc for my car as well, but this thing i can say for sure. This is the best thing i have ever bought till date.PERIOD. Hats off to entire team at NAD for coming out with this GEM and that too at this price point.

Nitin Ralli - India

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C 326BEE Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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