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User Review: C 446 Digital Media Tuner - NAD C446 experience

July 24, 2012

Products: C 446 Digital Media Tuner

I am owner of a device for 2 months and I can say that musically is great, built in DAC is high quality, compared to CA DacMagic I can say that sound is only slightly better through DacMagic, very hard to notice. Great features like FM, Internet and DAB radio, UPNP Receiver etc. It really covers all my music needs. What I would like now is firmware upgrade. I mostly use UPNP client playback feature and I think that device lacks of user friendly controller, thinking on controlling device using it's own remote controller. I can't create playlist on the spot (like CA NP30 does), can't play a whole folder containing many sub folders beneath (always need to select a song), Search option is at the end of the file list (which doesn't make sense to me, dedicated button or some shortcut on remote would be more than appreciated) etc. I know I can use smart phone or tablet for more user friendly controlling but then gapless playback is lost! Need of third party device is not what I expect from device that costs that much. Other than that I'm very pleased with the sound it gives, only hope to see firmware upgrade soon. BR Milos

Milos - Serbia

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