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User Review: C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier - fantastic amp

June 23, 2012

Products: C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier

I've had the C390DD for six weeks now. I'm extremely impressed by the preformance of it. I purchased it with both the HDMI & analog modules, and both perform flawlessly. I obtained an Oppo 93 which I've connected with coaxial (for CD and/or DVD-A) & HDMI (for SACD and movie audio). I have a Yamaha 1010 that I've connected in the same manner, except I don't use the Yamaha for movies. I prefer the sound of the Oppo through the C390DD. It sounds "stronger" to me. But the Yamaha plays the 176Khz layer of the SACD. I also have an Adcom 870 DVD-A player that is connected optically & HDMI. Of all the connections I prefer the coaxial, then the optical and finally the HDMI. The HDMI module is nice. It has a video pass-thru which works flawlessly. I'm experimenting with HDMI cables (Redmere vs silver coated - 6 ft. runs) for the video and audio. While the C390DD has USB inputs for flash drives and hard drives, I stream through the Oppo with an ethernet connection because the NAD is limited to 24/96 andd I have larger files. The Oppo does the trick. The turntable module connection works very well. I tested it for about two hous with three albums. In audiophile terms I'd say it's adequate. But then again I won't be using this amp to play many records. (I record albums into a computer interface.) My only complaint about the analog module is that the conversion is llimited to a sampling rate of 24/48. I don't understand why NAD couldn't make that adjustable up to 24//192 (maybe in a software update). Before I purchased this amp I was considering a hybrid preamp/amp and the Oppo 95. Then I saw an advertisement for the NAD C390DD. I have owned NAD gear (still do own some), know about the M2, and talked to two people who had seen and heard the 390 at the show last winter. So I went as far away from hybrid as I can go. I went totally digital. But when you listen to this class D amp it doesn't sound like any solid state amp I've heard before. It sounds more musical to me. But it doesn't sound like any tubes I've heard before either. It doesn't have that real liquid sound. I have Martin Logan Aeon speakers. The amp quickly grabs the speakers and takes total control of them and fills them with music from top to bottom. It gives the speaker the correct amount of juice it needs to produce a hell of show! This amplifier is well worth every penny I spent on it. I can't believe I'm the only one commenting fom the USA. This is a dynamite product! It rock 'n rolls!!!!!!!!!!

John Ehr - Florida USA

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C 390DD Direct Digital Powered DAC Amplifier

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