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User Review: Model 60 Stereo Amplifier - Klein aber Fein (great amp)

May 7, 2012

Products: Model 60 Stereo Amplifier

It is with 35 watts quite modestly powered but well designed, so that it does actually exceed this power rating by a few watts on each channel. I have two of them, both from the first series. First series had a few differneces to 2nd and 3rd. To my knowledge it was built from 1973/4 until 1977/8 in japan. The first series looked pretty much like the one shown in picture, only that it had 2 Phono inputs but none for a tuner, odd!! The second series had only NAD on the front an no New Acoustic Diimension any more, also the Phono 2 was substituted by an input for a Tuner. The third series had a faceplate that was as big as the case (before the case was a bit bigger than the frontplate) also the VU's were in a different color. All in all I believe only a couple of thousand were made. From first series around 1500. All this information is from 7 years ebay research. I am a big fan of these first models. They are very well made (built by foster electric japan) and still after 35 years do sound much better than many new amplifiers. On top of that they are very nice to look at. Also own a Model 90 and a Model 100 Tuner (very rare). The recievers of this series are fantastic aswell. I am happy to see that NAD started to recognise these first models in their company history. Long live Japan built vintage NAD. :) All in all, if you find one or have one of these amps, keep and restore!!! Its's worth it!

Felix - Germany

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Model 60 Stereo Amplifier

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