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User Review: C 565BEE CD Player - Solid Performer

April 6, 2012

Products: C 565BEE CD Player

The prior reviews are spot on re: the capabilities of this excellent CD Player, so I won't be redundant. I was looking for a high quality single disc player for those times when I just want to relax and enjoy all of the details in a CD. For background music, either streaming lossless itunes or using my old Sony CD Jukebox is adequate. I auditioned several competitors' models as well as the entry level NADs. All were OK, some minor pros and cons for each, till I moved up a bit on the food chain and tried the 565 -- wow, huge bang for the buck difference! Build quality and the Wolfson DACs are exceptional. I also run the CD Jukebox (basically as a transport and "CD storage box") through the 565 via optical for those times when I don't want to get up and change discs, and the sound is excellent, so much better than streaming. Now mated with the T787 AVR and PSB Synchrony 2s, this player is versatile and an excellent fit for my system.

Tom - Rochester NY USA

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