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User Review: T 775 HD2 A/V Surround Sound Receiver - Brilliant product

April 3, 2012

Products: T 775 HD2 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

I've used the T-775 for three years now and have this system connected to my HD TV programming, my HD Xbox gaming, and of course my Blue Ray - allowing a full range of movies, sports, and music which in turn allows the T-775 its ultimate test of uses in a wide variety of entertainment avenues available to users today. I'm a very particular and demanding fellow - if it doesn't perform I give it away to someone in my family and move on to the next system. The T-775 has indeed met all my criteria mention above - plus I'm very excited about the ability to mod the T-775 keeping my system at the cutting edge of music, movies, and gaming as each of the above segments of entertainment grows in its own field. Which in essence eliminates having to throw out a system due to an entertainment sector changing beyond the ability of this system to adapt via mods. Mods are the very reason why I bought this system in the first place - I got tired of changing system who have grown outdated. No doubt this isn't your Walmart sound system - case in point when buying the best video cables my dealer asked what my system was and after telling him I have NAD T-775 he said "man, you don't fool around when you get a sound system, do you?"

Wil - Fort McMurray

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T 775 HD2 A/V Surround Sound Receiver

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