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User Review: C 446 Digital Media Tuner - Sound Quality as expected ...

March 28, 2012

Products: C 446 Digital Media Tuner

DAB in Denmark is very bad, and i wonder what "Christian Wiedekamm - Denmark" calls a "trained ear" when he says that DAB is superior to FM ! 124kbit - 192kbit is VERY poor quality and blasphemy to play on a NAD product ! hihi In Denmark the biggest TV/Radio provider concluded the same, and is broadcasting all Danish DAB signals to FM (cable) for optimal sound quality. HERE we can only LOVE NAD C446, the sound is great and as expected from a NAD tuner. However i only get a few stations in on the DAB and its a mix of noise and sound. Like it was broken ..... but again im not going to use DAB anyway for a few years. (Denmark is so slow....) So if another antenna would help on that i dont know. I have been streaming FLAC from Cisco/Linksys E4200 for a full day, without a single dropout or any kind of problems, at all ! Love the sound. That said ..... I really hope there is a firmware upgrade coming soon, cuz theres a lot of child problems. Hang on ;-)) : 1. Turning power on when position at UPnP Client, it dont list the Router/mediaserver, even if connected, but a switch away from UPnP Client and back solve that. 2. It dont update if Router is turned on after C446, but switching from wireless to cable and back to wireless updates it. 3. Once i used UPnP app on Android made the C446 act as if it was broken !!!!!! I had to turn it off for at least 15 seconds, not 5 or 10 but 15 ! For some long minutes i thought it was broken ..... (only happened once, and no problems since that) 4. Often when navigating between ex. FM and UPnP Client it dont connect to the mediaserver, but just hangs with "searching" ... Nothing to do, other than power off and on. 5. If scrolling to fast in the list of Albums, the list up, and i need to go back and select the list again, then it works fine again. etc etc stuff like that, which is usually found in to early released products. (hmmm) ohhh forgot ... theres a power switch on the back of C446, THANKS NAD !! hihi thats about freaking time producers give us the possibility to turn power off completely. nice one. I have to say that im a bit disappointed since in my head i would never get a product from NAD like this ..... BUT !! I got the sound quality i bought the C446 for, and the continuing streaming of FLAC is trouble less. Btw. UPnP Receiver mode works fine, but lacks a few features, and the problem mentioned earlier should not be possible.

Ok the Remote ...... ..... please make a new one with a display and let us buy that, UPnP is here to stay, so you need a remote of that kind anyway m8's ;-)) If we cant upgrade the C446 with a new Firmware at some point i would say that i have spend to much money on C446, if we can then im satisfied. Been buying NAD since the 4155 Tuner as i still have and it is still playing like a dream ;-) I think the highest bitrate i have seen on C446 from FLAC is 1100-1200kbit so with 1500 as max i think it should be covered. The USB option dont find card readers or NTFS file system on the flash drive (USB stick). But formatted with FAT32 it worked fine, tags is not supported so you are stocked with regular "browsing by Folder and Files" Thanks for entering this world of network media using FLAC ;-)

Andra Frost - Denmark

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