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User Review: C 162 Stereo Preamplifier - Hi Fi preamp @ peanuts price

May 11, 2007

Products: C 162 Stereo Preamplifier

I use expensive, large studio monitor speakers, high quality interconnects/ speaker wire and Bryston 7bsst mono blocks. The system is very revealing. In the land of multi thousand dollar preamps where the return becomes less and less the more you pay, this one make you wonder if spending more is worth it. Of course its not a BAT 3 series or a Hovland 100 or a Copland. But if you have a high end system worth under ten thousand dollars I dont think you can beat it. In fact its easy to put up with the slight imperfections and only a handful of top grade preamplifiers are better overall. Clean, dynamic, quiet, gets your toe tapping and shows up good and bad recordings (there are many more bad recordings than good ones) for what they are. Add the fact it has a preamp thats very clean and quiet (either mm or mc) and runs in a class a circuit and has a 12 volt switching system and all the inputs and outputs you need plus it allows verticle biamping. Its being ignored but its a screaming bargain

Dieter - Labrador, Canada

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