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User Review: M25 7-Channel Amplifier - cant beat it in the 10 k power amps

February 19, 2012

Products: M25 7-Channel Amplifier

Lets be honest, I was in the market for a multi channel power amp, to go with paradigm studio 100 v5, cc690 v5 and studio 60 for surrounds, i did try anthem MCA series, paradigm studio speakers are a bit bright, and with the anthem MCA amps, sorry not a good match, they are well built power amps, but wrong speakers to go with, I did listen to the marantz MM series as they say its 140 W x5, yeah... keep looking. they have good pre amps but power amps??!! no thanks. so I did had a chance to listen a Cary audio model 7.125 , same price range, and then the M25 both were going to be in my list, reason to get M25, more power, solid built like a tank!! and better match with the paradigms. made them sound more to my taste. some pros and some cons like... really really heavy, no XLR connects, but I would still buy it again and again. thanks NAD amazing product .

carlo - toronto

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