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User Review: 5300 CD Player - NAD 5300 Monitor Series

February 14, 2012

Products: 5300 CD Player

A solid and reliable cd player, for a 25 year old unit, it works very well, even plays CDRs without any issues (have not tried CDRWs). The only draw backs I have found in the design is a lack of a "random mode" and that the display initially tells you the total track numbers an timing when a cd is inserted and then resets to 000. If you are as forgetful as I am, between stoping and starting the cd over again, you have to consult the track listings, per se. Most modern cd players upon stoping default to the total tracks and timing (as is the case with my Teac from the same era as the 5300). Not a big deal, as I assume the designers figured the purist would know how many tracks were on the cd upon stoping and starting, etc. Otherwise, a cool, minimalist unit, with a wonderful remote, and solid as a rock.

Irving G. Steinberg - New England

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